Welcome to Fashionable Luxury

Welcome to Fashionable Luxury, a blog where we will talk about fashion, sustainability and ethics. We are six friends passionate about environmental issues and fashion and who are willing to make the world better. In this blog, we will discuss how and why the fashion and luxury industry play an important role in the preservation of our planet. We will talk about sustainable luxury, slow fashion and ethical fashion. We care about our planet, and want to share our convictions !

Sustainable brands

sustainable development is at the heart of current issues. Luxury brands are just as touched as any field regarding sustainability. Currently, a level of luxury demand in terms of ecology and sustainable development is developing to the maximum. "Ethical dress" became the ultimate goal for luxury brands, and they soon realized that it was necessary to go into this fashion to avoid worries or global scandals.

Sustainable beauty: And if cosmetics could also be sustainable and ethics?

In 2016, the beauty market represented more than 200 billion euros (according to « les Echos de la Franchise »). For example, in France, the cosmetics turnover has been around 9 billion euros with an average growth rate of 3,4% per year since 2010. This market is huge and continues to grow. This is why; it’s becoming urgent to reduce CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint of product !

Fashion production and consumption

The fashion system has changed… Sadly, relocation and frenetic subcontracting carry out a decline of employees working conditions and quality of life. Brands can neither check their production nor know how their clothes are actually made because of the distance. Some manufacturers do not respect human conditions and even less environmental conditions.