Luxury is turning to an ecological leather good!

sustainable development is constantly evolving in Luxury houses. It can seem more obvious in certain sectors of fashion as the one of the clothes by limiting furs, leather …


The golden eyes  

Every Tuesday, The Golden Eyes presents a sustainable jewellery brand. For the first time, we have decided to introduce you to one of the pioneering brands in this sector. It was the first to commit to 100% ethical gold. The brand in the spotlight this week is Chopard. 

Sustainable beauty: And if cosmetics could also be sustainable and ethics?

In 2016, the beauty market represented more than 200 billion euros (according to « les Echos de la Franchise »). For example, in France, the cosmetics turnover has been around 9 billion euros with an average growth rate of 3,4% per year since 2010. This market is huge and continues to grow. This is why; it’s becoming urgent to reduce CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint of product !