Luxury is turning to an ecological leather good!

sustainable development is constantly evolving in Luxury houses. It can seem more obvious in certain sectors of fashion as the one of the clothes by limiting furs, leather …


Today, as we were able to see in our previous articles, sustainable development is constantly evolving in Luxury houses. It can seem more obvious in certain sectors of fashion as the one of the clothes by limiting furs, leather …

What about leather good?

Despite the image that we can have of luxury leather good (noble material referring to animals), several houses want to change this state of mind!

Stella McCartney was the precursor of this movement by improving the ecologic and ethic sides of the company and its products. All of their bags are made from organic synthetic leather and are booming with the fashionistas who love this new concept!

Customers begin to take these elements into account when they’re shopping. Indeed, they are willing to pay a little bit more to purchase eco-responsible articles. The demand is growing.

Do big companies also feel concerned about this new state of mind?

So, let’s talk about other luxury brands that have followed this trend.

When you think about the biggest world groups such as: LVMH, Kering,… Most of the time, everybody think about the idea of waste and animal cruelty.

Surprisingly, do you know that these brands are involved in this cause and develop new collections entirely responsible?

Now let’s talk about these brands!

Gucci is also one of the eco-friendly pioneer brands and is constantly committed to fight against pollution, deforestation or even bad treatment of animals. In the launch of new ethical products, Frida Gianini (Artistic Director of the house) has created a new line of Amazonian leather handbags certified zero deforestation and labelled: “Green Carpet Challenge”. This collection has three models of bags including a new version of It-Bag: The New Jackie, THE iconic bag from Gucci!

Kering, the second largest group in the luxury market, considers very important to play a role in sustainable development. They plan, before 2030, to make all their brands (Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci …) eco-friendly specifically targeting the field of leather good.

There is also Marc Jacobs with the Save my pole collection or Louis Vuitton, which creates faux leather and vegetable leather. Certain houses such as Chanel or Dior plan to invest more in this cause. They want to answer to customers demand and to align themselves on this very competitive market.

And what about the new brands?

There are new brands of leather good which are emerging on this market, such as Mat&Nat. These brands hope to become famous by people talking about them. Indeed, they want to satisfy its consumers desires. Brands are conscient that it will constantly evolve, and they will become more and more exigent and challenging.

What can we conclude about the leather good market ?

Finally, we note that this is a growing market in the luxury sector. Unfortunately, the respect for environment, human and animal welfare is not a priority for all the luxurious brands. As customers needs change, brands will have to redouble their imagination to show new concepts (manufacturing, materials, style…). Nowadays, consumers are becoming more environmentally aware.

And you, what kind of bags would you choose?


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